Why Do I Need This?

Because your users are already mobile, and they expect a good mobile experience.

Use the SwebApps build-your-own-app platform to create a web app and native iPhone and Android app to share your events, sales, specials, photos, and videos. You’re going to love it. SwebApps’s cross-platform compatibility lets you put your business all over the place. Now people can reach you anytime, from anywhere. Enhance group communication, encourage brand loyalty, and reach your customers wherever they are.

Why Build With SwebApps?

Because it’s easy.

SwebApps is the simplest way to create web apps and native iPhone and Android apps. You don’t need any programming knowledge or experience, or even a Mac! So don’t you worry. We are 3,000% sure that we provide the best customer service in the industry, so if you have any trouble, just get in touch and we’ll help you out!

How does it work?

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  • 1. Sign up for free

    No credit card required! But we do want your name and contact info so we can be friends. Not in a weird way.

    Get Started »

  • 2. Create a design

    SwebApps is so flexible it hurts, so add whatever colors, backgrounds, and styles you want. Just don’t pick anything ugly.

  • 3. Choose features

    We’ve got it all! Add maps, events listings, menus, RSS feeds, photo and video galleries, and oh, so much more!

    Take the tour to see our features »

  • 4. Add content

    Put all of your stuff in there. Contact information, menu items, locations, weekly specials, photos, and links to your website and social media. And holy crap, there’s a live preview that changes instantly as you build your app! Magic.

    Read our FAQs for more info about how to add content  »

  • 5. Publish

    Your mom always says you should put yourself out there. Now it’s easy to publish your new SwebApp as a cross-platform web app, native app on iPhone or Android, or all of the above!

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